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Update and stuffs

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 2:09 PM
  • Mood: Content

There's been some time since I've had some sort of update.
Well first off it's freak APRIL already gah!

I've been playing a crap ton of Diablo 3 as of late and procrastinating on wayyyy too many things.  SO GOING TO FIX THAT!

I SOOOOOO want to get back into do some make-up works.  I had been lacking on ideas to do anything.  However, as of now I have a few in mind that I would love to do.  So hopefully, in the next coming weeks/months I'll get some series out or something. ^_^

I went to Katsucon in Feb for the first time.  Gotta say that I was severely underwhelmed by the convention, which was pretty sad.  Though, friends who've been going to the convention for years told me that this was the worst year for the convention or that last year's convention was way better.  It also didn't help that traveling to DC sucked balls.  A winter storm happened to come by and cancel all flights out and I was stranded with my BF in Detroit airport for 18 hours until our fixed flight to DC.  I never want to sleep in an airport terminal ever again.
After finally getting to the convention, I got to hang out with some friends and that was a bonus.  As well as make a couple of new ones. ^_^   Even if I spent a lot of my time on the convention floor by myself at least the small portion of hanging with friends made the convention a bit bearable.
I also got to premiere 2 new cosplays, my Death Maiden and Seth Nightroad.
Seth Nightroad by AdnarimificationDeath Maiden by Adnarimification

AND THEN in March I attended Planet Comic Con (also for the first time) it was an interesting experience.  Mainly because it was a comic con and I not that diverse in comics.  It was fun hanging out and around.  I wore my Orianna cosplay...there were some League of Legends fans there. Which was cool.  OMG the costumes there were all pretty amazing and inspired me and my BF to make our very own Predator costumes.  SOOO VERY much excited abotu it.

In June I'll be heading back to A-kon in dallas, TX.  I haven't been back since 2010 and am excited about going back.  Hnnggg TEXAS FRIENDS I CAN"T WAIT TO SEE YOUR FACES!!! ajsdkl;fjal;sjdfas  I'm hoping to premiere 3 new cosplays, as of right now I'm hoping I can get them all done before the convention.  There's soo much stuff to do on them. uggghhhuuuu

I'll be returning to Anime Expo in July.  Pretty happy with returning to this convention again.  WHO IS GOING, I WANT TO MEET YOU, and WHAT COSPLAYS ARE YOU BRINGING?

Convention Schedule 2014
  • Katsucon(done)
  • A-kon
  • Anime Expo
  • Anime NebrasKon

Cosplays in Progress
  • Asari Huntress - Mass Effect 3, 80%
  • Wizard - Diablo 3, 10%
  • Ragyo Kiryuin - Kill la Kill, 10%
  • Fem!Raiden - Metal Gear Rising, 10%
  • Fashion Week Ryuko - Kill la Kill, 0%

Skin by Usato (modified by Adnarimification)
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TifaIA Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Can't wait to see you at A-kon!!!
Adnarimification Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014   Artist
hnngg I can't wait!
prettyfloralbonnet Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
Wooooooot we're going to the same conventions ><    
Adnarimification Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014   Artist
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